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•    KWG-LAW

KWG is a full-service boutique law firm which specializes in international law.
Our team understands the legal challenges faced by businesses and private clients across multiple jurisdictions and delivers successful outcomes by providing solutions and remedies that work.

•    TEAM

Karnit Wesseling-Gefen, Esq. is the firm’s founder and lead attorney. She is licensed to practice law in Israel and the US (New York) and has extensive experience in representing individuals and companies in complex legal proceedings in both places. As well, she offers legal consultative services to clients (corporate and individual) across both territories.



Our team is well-versed in the myriad issues particular to international family law. We have expertise in matrimonial law, custody, visitation rights, including those that involve the Hague Convention, inheritances, and wills of an international nature.

We understand the special difficulties that arise from family disputes and strive to always serve our clients with sensitivity and empathy.


We represent and litigate on behalf of clients with international real estate concerns. We also represent investors, both in the US and Israel. In addition, we have a robust network of trustworthy local business professionals which we make available to our clients under the supervision and guidance of our lawyers.


Our firm provides legal counsel to corporations about a wide variety of international matters, including consulting about incorporation; organizational matters; contracts and agreements; international transactions; handling investments and related agreements; representation in corporate legal matters and related actions and procedures.


We provide expert international legal opinion in cases which concern foreign laws, or which involve documents drawn up in one jurisdiction and executed in another.

We also provide comparative legal opinion, both in the US and Israel, when required in international litigation, and our office has been appointed by Israeli courts to provide expert opinions on American law.


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